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Articles in peer-reviewed journals


51. Reaching the tumor: mobility of polymeric micelles inside an in vitro tumor-on-a-chip model with dual ECM. Olea, Alis R.; Jurado, Alicia; Slor, Gadi; Tevet, Shahar; Pujals, Silvia; De La Rosa, Victor R.; Hoogenboom, Richard; Amir, Roey J.; Albertazzi, Lorenzo. ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces (2023) 15: (51) 59134–59144.

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50. Polymeric architecture as a tool for controlling the reactivity of palladium(ii) loaded nanoreactors Wagle, Shreyas; Rathee, Parul; Vippala, Krishna; Tevet, Shahar; Gordin, Alexander; Dobrovetsky, Roman; Amir, Roey J. Nanoscale, (202315: 15396-15404.

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49. Architecture-Based Programming of Polymeric Micelles to Undergo Sequential Mesophase Transitions. Rathee, Parul; Edelstein-Pardo, Nicole; Netti, Francesca; Adler-Abramovich, Lihi; Sitt, Amit;  and Amir, Roey J.*. ACS Macro Lett. (2023) 12: 814–820.

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Cover page

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48. Self-Assembly of Tunable Intrinsically Disordered Peptide Amphiphiles. Ehm, Tamara; Shinar, Hila; Jacoby, Guy; Meir, Sagi; Koren, Gil; Segal Asher, Merav; Korpanty, Joanna; Thompson, Matthew P.; Gianneschi, Nathan C.; Kozlov, Michael M.; Azoulay-Ginsburg, Salome; Amir, Roey J.*; Rädler, Joachim O.*; and Beck, Roy*. Biomacromolecules (2023) 24 (1): 98–108.

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47. Stimuli-Induced Architectural Transition as a Tool for Controlling the Enzymatic Degradability of Polymeric Micelles. Slor, Gadi*; Tevet Shahar* and Amir, Roey. J. ACS Polym. Au (2022) 2 (5): 380–386.

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Selected for the ACS virtual issue, Contemporary Catalysis- highlighting advances in heterogeneous catalysis, homogeneous catalysis, electrocatalysis, photocatalysis, and biocatalysis published in the ACS Au community journals, to exemplify the excellence and diversity of the field in the early 2020s.

46. Anisotropic Microparticles through Periodic Autofragmentation of Amphiphilic Triblock Copolymer Microfibers. Edelstein-Pardo, Nicole; Molco, Maya; Rathee, Parul; Koren, Gil; Tevet, Shahar; Ziv Sharabani, Shiran; Beck, Roy; Amir, Roey. J.* and Sitt, Amit* Chem. Mater. (2022)  34, (14): 6367–6377.

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45. Dendron–Polymer Hybrids as Tailorable Responsive Coronae of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes. Wulf, Verena; Slor, Gadi; Rathee, Parul; Amir, Roey J.*; Bisker, Gili.* ACS Nano. (2021) 15 (12): 20539–20549.

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44. Tuning Reactivity of Micellar Nanoreactors by Precise Adjustments of the Amphiphiles and Substrates Hydrophobicity. Tevet, Shahar; Wagle, Shreyas Shankar; Slor, Gadi; Amir, Roey J. Macromolecules (2021) 54 (24): 11419–11426.


Cover page

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43. Order from Disorder with Intrinsically Disordered Peptide Amphiphiles. Jacoby, Guy; Segal Asher, Merav; Ehm, Tamara; Abutbul Ionita, Inbal; Shinar, Hila; Azoulay-Ginsburg, Salome; Danino, Dganit; Kozlov, Michael M.; Amir, Roey J.; Beck, Roy. J. Am. Chem. Soc. (2021) 143(30): 11879–11888.

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42. Judging Enzyme-Responsive Micelles by Their Covers: Direct Comparison of Dendritic Amphiphiles with Different Hydrophilic Blocks. Slor, Gadi; Olea, Alis R.; Pujals, Sílvia; Tigrine, Ali; De La Rosa, Victor R.;  Hoogenboom, Richard; Lorenzo Albertazzi, Lorenzo*; Amir, Roey J.* Biomacromolecules (2021) 22(3): 1197–1210.

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40. Real-Time Ratiometric Imaging of Micelles Assembly State in a Microfluidic Cancer-on-a-Chip. Feiner-Gracia, Natalia; Glinkowska Mares, Adrianna; Buzhor, Marina; Rodriguez-Trujillo, Romen; Samitier Marti, josep; Amir, Roey J.*, Pujals, Silvia; Albertazzi, Lorenzo* ACS Appl. Bio Mater. (2021), 4 (1): 669–681.


39. Architectural Change of the Shell-Forming Block from Linear to V-Shaped Accelerates Micellar Disassembly, but Slows the Complete Enzymatic Degradation of the Amphiphiles. Segal, Merav; Ozery, Lihi; Slor, Gadi; Wagle, Shreyas Shankar; Ehm, Tamara; Beck, Roy;  Amir, Roey J.* Biomacromolecules (2020), 21(10) 4076–4086.


38. Utilizing Self-Immolative ATRP Initiators To Prepare Stimuli Responsive Polymeric Films from Nonresponsive Polymers. Peles-Strahl, Leigh; Sasson, Revital; Slor, Gadi; Edelstein-Pardo, Nicole; Dahan, Adi*; Amir, Roey J.* Macromolecules (2019), 52, 3268-3277.


37. Covalent functionalization of solid cellulose by divergent synthesis of chemically active dendrons. Anavi, Daniel; Popowski, Yanay; Slor, Gadi; Segal, Merav; Frid, Liat; Amir, Roey J; Amirav, Aviv;  Amir, Elisabeth. Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry (2018), 56, 18, 2103-2114.


35. Tuning the molecular weight of polymeric amphiphiles as a tool to access micelles with a wide range of enzymatic degradation rates. Slor, Gadi; Papo, Nitsan; Hananel, Uri; Amir, Roey J.* Chemical Communications (2018), 54, 6875-6878. This article is part of the themed collection: 2018 Emerging Investigators


34. A microfluidic chip containing multiple 3D nanofibrous scaffolds for culturing human pluripotent stem cells. Wertheim, Lior; Shapira, Assaf; Amir, Roey J.; Dvir, Tal* Nanotechnology (2018), 29, 13LT01.


33. Micellar stability in biological media dictates internalization in living cells. Feiner-Gracia, Natalia; Buzhor Marina; Fuentes, Edgar; Pujals, Silvia; Amir, Roey J.*; Albertazzi, Lorenzo* Journal of the American Chemical Society (2017), 139, 16677-16687. Highlighted in JACS Spotlight: Synthesis Meets Biology in New Dendron Research StudySynthesis Meets Biology in New Dendron Research Study. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2017), 139 (48), pp 17199-17200.


32. Reversible dimerization of polymeric amphiphiles acts as a molecular switch of enzymatic degradability. Rosenbaum, Ido; Avinery, Ram; Harnoy, Assaf J.; Slor, Gadi; Tirosh, Einat; Hananel, Uri; Beck, Roy; Amir, Roey J.* Biomacromolecules (2017), 18, 3457-3468.


Cover page


31. Modular synthetic approach for adjusting the disassembly rates of enzyme-responsive polymeric micelles. Harnoy, Assaf J.; Buzhor Marina; Tirosh, Einat; Shaharabani, Rona;  Beck, Roy; Amir, Roey J.* Biomacromolecules (2017), 18, 1218-1228.


30. Molecular precision and enzymatic degradation: from readily to undegradable polymeric micelles by minor structural changes. Segal, Merav; Avinery, Ram; Buzhor Marina; Shaharabani, Rona; Harnoy, Assaf J.; Tirosh, Einat; Beck, Roy; Amir, Roey J.* Journal of the American Chemical Society (2017), 139, 803-810.


29. The effect of photoisomerization on the enzymatic hydrolysis of polymeric micelles bearing photo-responsive azobenzene groups at their cores. Harnoy, Assaf. J.; Slor, Gadi; Tirosh, Einat; Amir, Roey J.* Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry (2016), 14, 5813-5819. This article is part of themed collection: New Talent 2016


28. Fluorinated Smart Micelles as Enzyme-responsive Probes for 19F-Magnetic Resonance. Buzhor, Marina; Avram, Liat; Frish, Limor; Cohen, Yoram; Amir, Roey J.* Journal of Materials Chemistry B (2016), 4, 3037-3042. This article is part of themed collections: Emerging Investigators 2016: Novel design strategies for new functional materials and 2016 Journal of Materials Chemistry B Hot Papers


26. Supramolecular translation of enzymatically triggered disassembly of micelles into tunable fluorescent responses. Buzhor, Marina; Harnoy, Assaf J.; Tirosh, Einat; Barak, Ayana; Schwartz, Tal; Amir, Roey J.* Chemistry - A European Journal (2015), 21, 15633–15638.


25. Encapsulation and covalent binding of molecular payload in enzymatically activated micellar nanocarriers. Rosenbaum, Ido; Harnoy, Assaf J.; Tirosh, Einat; Buzhor Marina; Segal, Merav; Frid, Liat; Shaharabani, Rona; Avinery, Ram; Beck, Roy; Amir, Roey J.* Journal of the American Chemical Society (2015), 137, 2276-2284.


24. Conjugated oligomers incorporating azulene building blocks - seven- vs. five-​membered ring connectivity. Amir, Elizabeth; Murai, Masahito; Amir, Roey J.; Cowart, John S. Jr.; Chabinyc, Michael L.; Hawker, Craig J. Chemical Science (2014), 5(11),4483-4489.


23. Breakdown of Interference Rules in Azulene, a Nonalternant Hydrocarbon. Xia, Jianlong; Capozzi, Brian; Wei, Sujun; Strange, Mikkel; Batra, Arunabh; Moreno, Jose R.; Amir, Roey J.; Amir, Elizabeth; Solomon, Gemma C.; Venkataraman, Latha, Campos, Luis, M. Nano Letters (2014), 14, 2941-2945. Highlighted in Nature Nanotechnology: Azulene challenges the rules.


22. Enzyme-Responsive Amphiphilic PEG-Dendron Hybrids and Their Assembly into Smart Micellar Nanocarriers. Harnoy, Assaf J.; Rosenbaum, Ido; Tirosh, Einat; Ebenstein, Yuval; Shaharabani, Rona; Beck, Roy; Amir, Roey J.* Journal of the American Chemical Society (2014), 136, 7531-7534.

Highlighted in JACS Spotlight: Enzymes Break It Down for Drug Delivery.

Journal of the American Chemical Society (2014), 136 (21), pp 7517–7518.


Cover page

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21. Enhanced Bioactivity of Internally Functionalized Cationic Dendrimers with PEG Cores.  Albertazzi, Lorenzo; Mickler, Frauke M.; Pavan, Giovanni M.; Salomone, Fabrizio; Bardi, Giuseppe; Panniello, Mariangela; Amir, Elizabeth; Kang, Taegon; Killops, Kato L.; Brauchle, Christoph; Amir, Roey J.*; Hawker, Craig J.* Biomacromolecules (2012), 13, 4089-4097.


20. Azulene-based conjugated polymers: unique seven-membered ring connectivity leading to stimuli responsiveness. Murai, Masahito; Amir, Elizabeth; Amir, Roey J.; Hawker, Craig J. Chemical Science (2012), 3 (9), 2721-2725.

19. Biodegradable, multi-layered coatings for controlled release of small molecules. Amir, Elizabeth; Antoni, Per; Campos, Luis M.; Damiron,Denis; Gupta, Nalini; Amir, Roey J.; Pesika, Noshir; Drockenmuller, Eric; Hawker, Craig J. Chemical Communications (2012), 48, 4833-4835.

18. Effect of precursor chain-length on the formation and stability of poly(ethylene glycol)-based supramolecular star polymers. Gadwal, Ikhlas; De, Swati; Stuparu, Mihaiela C.; Jang, Se Gyu; Amir, Roey J.; Khan, Anzar. Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry (2012), 50(12), 2415-2420.

17. Supramolecular star polymers with compositional heterogeity. Gadwal, Ikhlas; De, Swati; Stuparu, Mihaiela C.; Amir, Roey J.; Jang, Se Gyu; Khan, Anzar. Journal of Polymer Science, Part A: Polymer Chemistry (2012), 50(9), 1844-1850.

16. Encoded Dendrimers with Defined Chiral Composition via 'Click' Reaction of Enantiopure Building Blocks. Yeniad, Bahar; Naik, Hemantkumar; Amir, Roey J.; Koning, Cor E.; Hawker, Craig J.; Andreas, Heise. Chemical Communications (2011), 47, 9870-9872.

15. Stimuli-Responsive Azulene-Based Conjugated Oligomers with Polyaniline-like Properties. Amir, Elizabeth; Amir, Roey J.; Campos, Luis M.; Hawker, Craig J. Journal of the American Chemical Society (2011), 133 (26), 10046-10049.

14. Multi-functional Trackable Dendritic Scaffolds and Delivery Agents. Amir, Roey J.; Albertazzi, Lorenzo; Willis, Jenny; Kang, Taegon; Khan, Anzar; Hawker, Craig J. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2011), 50 (15), 3425-3429.

13. Rapid Synthesis of Block and Cyclic Copolymers via Click Chemistry in the Presence of Copper Nanoparticles. Pressly, Eric D.; Amir, Roey J.; Hawker, Craig J.  Journal of Polymer Science Part A: Polymer Chemistry (2011), 49 (3), 814-819.

12. Facile Access to Internally Functionalized Dendrimers through Efficient and Orthogonal Click Reactions. Kang, Taegon; Amir, Roey J.; Khan, Anzar; Ohshimizu, Kaoru; Hunt, Jasmine N.; Sivanandan, Kulandaivelu; Montanez, Maria I.; Malkoch, Michael; Ueda, Mitsuru; Hawker, Craig J.  Chemical Communications (2010), 46 (9), 1556-1558.

11. Enzymatically Triggered Self-Assembly of Block Copolymers. Amir, Roey, J.*; Zhong, Sheng; Pochan, Darrin, J.; Hawker, Craig, J.* Journal of the American Chemical Society (2009), 131 (39), 13949-13951.

10. Free Radical Polymers with Tunable and Selective Bio- and Chemical Degradability. Paulusse, Jos M.J.; Amir, Roey J.; Evans, Richard A.; Hawker, Craig J.  Journal of the American Chemical Society (2009), 131 (28), 9805-9812.

9. Substituent-Dependent Disassembly of Self-Immolative Dendrimers. Perry, Rotem; Amir, Roey J.; Shabat, Doron. New Journal of Chemistry (2007), 31 (7), 1307-1321.

8. Receiver-Amplifier, Self-Immolative Dendritic Device. Amir, Roey J.; Danieli, Eyal; Shabat, Doron. Chemistry - A European Journal (2007), 13 (3), 812-821.

7. Domino Dendrimers. Amir, Roey J.; Shabat, Doron. In Polymer Therapeutics: Polymers as Drugs, Conjugates and Gene Delivery Systems. Ed. : Ruth Duncan, Helmut Ringsdorf and Ronit Satchi-Fainaro. Advances in Polymer Sciences (2006), 192, 59-94.

6. Prodrug Activation Gated by a Molecular OR Logic Trigger. Amir, Roey J.; Popkov, Mikhail; Lerner, Richard A.; Barbas III, Carlos F.; Shabat, Doron.  Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2005), 44 (28), 4378-4381.

5. Some New Aspects of Dendrimer Applications. Flomenbom, Ophir; Amir, Roey J.; Shabat, Doron; Klafter, Joseph. Journal of Luminescence (2005), 111(4), 315-325.

4. Chemical Adaptor Systems. Shabat, Doron; Amir, Roey J.; Gopin, Anna; Pessah, Neta; Shamis, Marina. Chemistry - A European Journal (2004), 10(11), 2626-2634. 

3. Self-Immolative Dendrimer Biodegradability by Multi-Enzymatic Triggering. Amir, Roey J.; Shabat, Doron. Chemical Communications (2004), 14, 1614-1615.

2. Self-Immolative Dendrimers. Amir, Roey J.; Pessah, Neta; Shamis, Marina; Shabat, Doron. Angewandte Chemie, International Edition (2003), 42(37), 4494-4499.

1. Hydrolytically Activated Etoposide Prodrugs Inhibit MDR-1 Function and Eradicate Established MDR-1 Multidrug-Resistant T-cell Leukemia. Schroeder, Ulrike; Bernt, Kathrin M.; Lange, Bjoern; Wenkel, Jens; Jikai, Jiang; Shabat, Doron; Amir, Roey; Huebener, Nicole; Niethammer, Andreas G.; Hagemeier, Christian; Wiebusch, Lueder; Gaedicke, Gerhard; Wrasidlo, Wolfgang; Reisfeld, Ralph A.; Lode, Holger N. Blood (2003), 102 (1), 246-253.

Book chapters

3. Self-decomposing Dendrimers. Frid. Liat; Amir, Roey J.*

In Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials, ed. Kobayashi, S and Müllen, K., Springer Berlin Heidelberg (2014).

2. Dendrimer - Based Devices: Antennae and Amplifiers. Flomenbom, Ophir; Amir, Roey J.; Shabat, Doron; Klafter, Joseph. 
In Energy Harvesting Materials, ed. D.L. Andrews, World Scientific Publishing Co, Singapore (2005), 245-279.

1. Medicinal Potential of Catalytic Antibodies. Amir, Roey; Shabat, Doron.
In Catalytic Antibodies, ed. E. Keinan, Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. Germany (2005), 284-303.

Patent applications

5. Delivery system in micellar form having modular spectral response based on enzyme-responsive amphiphilic PEG-dendron hybrid polymers.

Amir, Roey J.; Buzhor, Marina; Harnoy, Assaf Josef.

Current Assignee: Ramot At Tel Aviv University Ltd



Amir, Roey J.; Buzhor, Marina; Harnoy, Assaf Josef; Rosenbaum, Ido; Frid, Liat.

Current Assignee: Ramot At Tel Aviv University Ltd


3. Micelar delivery system based on enzyme-responsive amphiphilic peg-dendron hybrid. 

Amir, Roey J.; Buzhor, Marina; Harnoy, Assaf Josef; Rosenbaum, Ido; Frid, Liat.

Current Assignee: Ramot At Tel Aviv University Ltd


2. Multi-Triggered Self-Immolative Dendritic Compounds.
Amir, Roey J.; Shabat, Doron. 

Current Assignee: Ramot At Tel Aviv University Ltd

1. Self-Immolative Dendrimers Releasing Many Active Moieties Upon a Single Activating Event.
Shabat, Doron; List, Benjamin; Amir, Roey Jacob; Shamis, Marina; Pessah, Neta.


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