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The Lab manager

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Dr. Salome Azoulay Ginsburg 

Lab manager

Salome started and completed her undergraduate studies at Bar-Ilan University. In 2012, after receiving her B.Sc in medicinal chemistry with honors, Salome decided to continue an advanced degree. In 2014, Salome obtained her M.Sc. with honors under the supervision of Prof. Sharon Ruthstein. Her project focused on determination of the sensing and transcription mechanism of Bacterial Cu(I) E.coli metal sensor, CueR, using EPR spectroscopy. After her M.Sc, Salome worked as an analytical R&D chemist at Dexcel Pharma. During her work at Dexcel, Salome developed method for innovative prescription, generics and OTC pharmaceutical products in the R&D department according to FDA and Europian Phamacopoeia requirements. In December 2015, Salome returned to the academic and started her PhD degree, under the supervision of Prof. Arie Gruzman at BIU. During her PhD, Salome developed and synthesized new drug for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders by inhibiting protein aggregation. In November 2019, Salome joined the lab of Prof. Roey J. Amir in the faculty of the School of Chemistry at TAU as a lab manager. In April 2021, Salome received her Ph.D certificate.

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