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Students and Staff Researchers


Nicole Edelstein-Pardo, Ph.D student

Nicole completed her B.Sc. in the chemistry research excellence program in TAU in 2017.  In the 3rd year of her undergraduate studies, Nicole did a research project in the group, working on the synthesis, study and characterization of a tri-block copolymers with fluorescence tags. Nicole is a PhD student in collaboration with Dr. Amit Sitt's group. Her research focuses on the fabrication of active microfibers and nanopatricles from enzyme responsive block copolymers for biomedical applications.


Shahar Tevet, Ph.D student

Shahar joined the group in October 2018 as part of the prestigious ‘Adi Lautman Interdisciplinary Program for Outstanding Students’ - a direct M.Sc. program at TAU. Her M.Sc project focused on studying the effect of amphiphiles and substrates hydrophobicity on the reactivity of micellar nanoreactors. Shahar received her master’s degree with honors in November 2020 and immediately started her PhD studies. She is currently working on the design and synthesis of enzyme-responsive tri-block copolymers and catalytic micellar nanoreactors.


Shreyas Wagle, Ph.D student

Shreyas graduated from Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai with a B. Tech in fibres and textiles processing technology and conducted research on superabsorbent microcellulose as part of his undergraduate studies. Subsequently, he moved to Germany for his M.Sc. in polymer material sciences from Martin Luther University, Halle-Wittenberg, where he worked on developing CuAAC based optical damage sensing and self-healing epoxy composites as part of his master thesis. In November 2018, he joined the group as PhD student as part of an ITN project and his research focuses on developing multi-functional polymeric amphiphiles for catalytic activation of anti-cancer prodrugs.


Krishna Vippala,

Ph.D student

Krishna received his master degree in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics from La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia, where he studied how mutations in Profilin-1 cause aggregation in cytoskeleton using GFP tag and fluorescent microscopy. He then moved to the pharma industry in India where he worked on developing processes for purifying and characterizing biosimilars. Krishna joined the Amir’s group in 2019 as a joint PhD student with Teva pharmaceuticals Ltd, as part of the TheraCat ITN project. His research focuses on developing dendritic amphiphiles, which are used to build nano scaffolds for transition metal catalysts for biomedical applications.


Parul Rathee,

Ph.D student

Parul received her B.Sc. in Chemistry from the University of Delhi in 2016. She then joined the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee for her M.Sc. and worked on biologically important 3-phenacylidene-2-oxindoles scaffolds as part of her Master's thesis. In January 2020, she moved to Israel and continued her academic career as a Ph.D. student. Currently she is working on the design and characterization of PEG-based triblock polymers.


Nasreen Naser,

M.Sc student

Nasreen completed her B.Sc. in Medicinal Chemistry at BIU, before she joined the Amir group in October 2020. Her research project focuses on developing drug carriers that will be based on single-chain nanoparticles, to get efficient carrier systems for the delivery of drugs to specific sites in the human body, with minimal side effects.

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Merav Zussman, MS.c
Staff researcher

Merav graduated from the double degree program of Materials Science and Engineering (BSc) and Chemistry (BSc) at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology in 2016. Afterward, she worked as an R&D materials engineer at Orbotech. During her MSc studies at TAU, she worked with Prof. Meital Zilberman's group on developing injectable gelatin-alginate hydrogels loaded with drugs. After finishing her MSc studies, Merav joined the group as a researcher working as part of collaborative research projects with the industry.

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Michal Brodsky,
M.Sc student

Michal finished her B.Sc. in chemistry at TAU in 2021. During the last year of her undergraduate studies, she did a research project in the group, working on synthesizing amphiphilic enzyme responsive tri-block copolymer. 
Following this successful project, Michal joined the group as an M.Sc student.

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